Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ljubo Milicevic to join South - your correspondent left almost speechless

FourFourTwo is reporting that the one and only Ljubo Milicevic - at least I hope there's only one of them - is joining South Melbourne. Yes, our South Melbourne. The club has not officially confirmed it as I go to print, but certain peoples with more authority have indicated that he has signed and will be start on Sunday against Bentleigh.

It won't be for an entire season, but he should add value to our defence if he doesn't break down with injury, as he is somewhat prone to doing. And while I'm normally not for these short term arrangements - especially leaving before the end of the season - the Ljubo Experience is so ripe for gimmick value that I'm sure whatever way it falls, there'll be laughs for everyone.

And he did say he wanted to go to a real club after all.

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