Sunday, 6 March 2011

No Ljubo, but a win anyway - South 2 Greens 1

Lots of things to talk about today. Let's start with the simple stuff.

Late in the day, I was told by a mutual friend that some twit from Glenroy said that he didn't understand why I take public transport around the grounds, despite my ownership of a car. Well, Mr. Twit, as I have explained on this blog, I have poor eyesight, which while more than adequate to get me around my main destinations in the western suburbs, is not good enough to give me the confidence to drive around unfamiliar roads, especially at night.

I also like public transport for its positive environmental qualities, the light hit on the hip pocket, and the lack of a struggle to find a parking spot. I also find it a more sociable experience. Sure, journeying in a car is fine with all its creature comforts, but a half hour trip from the city with ample opportunity to talk about such weighty subjects such as: the origins, purposes and use of deities; the quest for immortality, including the technological problems associated with it, especially the preservation of the mind; and even the risk society. Steve from Broady may be a deadset plodder when it comes to traditional forms of learning, but he does have an inquisitive mind, which is good, as I like to bounce around ideas like this.

The polo tops aren't ready yet, but they should be ready by our next home game. I bought a scarf, because for years I'd criticised the designs as being too busy. This year's is a simple, classy, royal blue and white striped or barred number, and my old one, the wrong shade of blue and looking the worse for wear has now been relegated to the day to day scarf. Now for the game.

First of all, it was a shock to see active Bentleigh fans behind one of the goals. I don't know where they came from, what they're calling themselves, whether they'll stay the distance, but even though there weren't that many of them they had a couple of flags and they had a go. Should be more of it. Somehow we managed to score a goal from a corner - Seb Petrovic back in his usual central midfield spot with that goal.

While we still don't look that good defensively, it's a damn sight easier to defend against an opponent who is content to sit back very deep, with lots of numbers in defence, and ping plenty of long balls forward. That kind of method generally suggests you're going to be doing most of your better work from set pieces, and that's where the Greens got their equaliser from. An extraordinarily poor decision from the referee - I thought Rhodri Payne was well within the legal limit of how he used this body to win the ball - saw Bentleigh get a free kick wide on the right, and a glancing header into the back corner just made me angrier.

Still, their tactics didn't change, and we were for the first time this season up against a team which with an overdone defence and our side seemingly a little flummoxed as to how to go about breaking that down. We kept possession, trying to find the openings and little runs, but it was a moment of swift wing movement which got what turned out to be the winning goal. The ball was moved quickly out to the vacant right hand side, Jesse Krncevic - who otherwise had a disappointing game I feel - crossed behind Kyle Joryeff who, take your pick of either a poor first touch or a good one, managed to control the ball enough to then hit a shot which went in off the post.

We rode our luck a bit more for the first half, but deserved our lead. The halftime break was the chance to get an orange slushy. Quite refreshing, but I wish people wouldn't be so finicky about picking a flavour - it's sugary coloured gloopThe second half was different story, as Bentleigh pushed numbers forward and played further up the field. Kliment Taseski was sent off with a straight red card for a challenge I felt warranted a yellow (which would have seen him sent off anyway I believe), and thus we were down to ten men for the last half hour or so.

Both teams had plenty of chances to score in the second half - South in particular butchering several counter attacking chances. Bentleigh upped the physical intimidation factor, which for the most part went unpunished, with the worst of the offences being Fernando being taken out behind play and receiving what looked like a serious arm injury. But despite the numerical disadvantage and extended playing time, we held on, and got a much needed three points heading into difficult away games against Heidelberg and Oakleigh. Ljubo was in the stands today, but it has been reported he'll be right to go next week. We'll see I guess.

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  1. That Bentleigh crew didn't last too long, did it? Being committed to this level is harder than it looks.


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