Friday, 23 July 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 19, 2010

Five out of six last week. Hopefully you all followed my tips and made your small fortunes. A correct score in South vs Knights, and a Magic win. Now on to this week.

Richmond va Oakleigh Cannons
Richmond are in form and Oakleigh are not. Oakleigh is in danger of dropping out of the top five in the next couple of weeks, and fingers crossed it happens. Richmond will have the 12th man advantage in the faithful at Kevin Bartlett Reserve on a cold Friday night. The cheesecake will run out and the boiled kranskys will be a hit. Richmond 2 – Oakleigh Cannons 1. Oakleigh to score first.

Sunshine Georgies vs Green Gully Cavaliers
The Maltese derby. Sunshine is looking down the barrel of State 1, while Gully is looking to cement its spot in another finals campaign. An Oakleigh loss and a win to Gully will see them move to third on the table. There is no chance of Gully giving this game to the Georgies, and no chance the Georgies will be able to win it. It will be a football bloodbath, which will not live up to derby status. Sunshine Georgies 0 – Green Gully 3.

Dandenong Funder vs Norfcote City
Both teams are fighting tooth and nail to gain that 5th finals spot. Both are playing well, and both have something to prove. Dandy will be tired from the Tuesday night friendly vs the Victory, while Norfcote will be fresh. An entertaining draw down at Dandy. Dandenong Funder 2 – Norfcote 2. Dandy to be 2-1 up at half time.

Heidelberg United vs Bentleigh Greens
The Bergertrons crashed down to earth last week with a 2-1 loss to then bottom of the table Altona Bapdap. An upset of sorts one would say, but I, the Kiss of Death, had it on the cards. Bentleigh has had a change of coach, yet no change in results. Standard practice for a moneybags team. Another upset in this game with Bentleigh forcing a draw, and Andy O’Dell signalling a turnaround in form.
Heidelberg 1 – Bentleigh Green$ 1.

Melbourne Knights vs Altona Magic
The fans wanted their blood last week. They were unlucky against a Peter Zois inspired Hellas. History might be written this week at Somers Street if the Knights lose to Altona Magic. It will be the first time in their 57 year history that they are relegated (Actually, that's not true - various incarnations of the Knights have been relegated before - Paul). Let’s hope not my friends. The Knights have been a club built by hard working migrants, a club that has produced countless talents from schoolboy to international level. A club that has produced international players not only for Australia, but also for Croatia. This is a club which must not be relegated. The players must pull their fingers out and work for not only their fans and the club, but also themselves. Their top might be heavy, but it needs to be heavy from sweat, not from the logo. Do it for Hinko Durakovic, the founder of this great club. Melbourne Knights 2 – Altona Magic 1.

South Melbourne vs Hume City
Last time these teams met, South Melbourne decided to play and give Hume six goals because, hey, they just felt like it. Gianni was in form, Rama received the player of the match award and South Melbourne Hellas paraded the annual ANZAC Cup. Since then, Hellas has been on a bit of a downward spiral. The team is sitting in 8th spot, five points out of the finals with four games including this one to go. A not really convincing enough for my liking 3-0 win over the Knights last week, might not be enough to overcome 3rd placed Hume who trounced Oakleigh 1-3 last week. South will need to lift about three notches if they are to beat Hume. Two notches in the backline and one up front. After Hume, South has Richmond, then Oakleigh away. So the top three in the next three weeks. This is where we must prove not only to ourselves, but also the VPL that we are a team with high expectations. We need to beat these three teams if we are serious about a finals place. Hume, Richmond, Oakleigh and Sunshine Georgies. 12/12 points should be the only target. South Melbourne 2 – Hume City 0.


  1. Ok maybe u have got me on the relegation part. However since 1975 when they became. HNK Melbourne Croatia, they have not been relegated.

  2. Well, actually this latest incarnation is the result of a hostile takeover of the Ukrainian club Essendon Lions, who themselves had been relegated in 1971. Still, who's alive from those days with a decent enough command of English to come on here and argue about it?


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