Friday, 16 July 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 18, 2010

Oh Zeus. Hopefully by the time this goes to press the chardonnay sipping, clam eating board down at South would’ve done what is right for the club. They know what I’m talking about, and may Zeus inflict five plagues upon you if the axe has not yet fallen.

Now down to the money making side of this weeks Kiss of Death.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Hume City
I’m back to hating the Cannons again, so Hume City will win this in a tight one down at Jack Edwards on Friday night. Turhan Sumbul to get a double. Oakleigh Cannons 0 - Hume City 2.

Bentleigh Greens vs Dandenong Thunder
Bentleigh Greens, the team that will do well because of all the money they have, said someone. Well, well, well, how silly does that someone feel at the moment? Flower power will force a draw at Kingston Heath. Bentleigh Green$ 0 – Dandy Funder 0.

Northcote City vs Green Gully Cavaliers
Norfcote City will take on a resurgent Green Gully this weekend in what will be a cracker. Expect goals and plenty of them. Norfcote City 3 – Green Gully 3.

Altona Magic vs Heidelberg United
Bergers didn’t impress last Sunday against South, but thanks to some ridiculous refereeing decisions they got a 2-0 win. This week I am going with Altona Bapdap to fuck those Berger cunts up. Altona Magic 4 – Heidelbergcunts 1.

South Melbourne vs Melbourne Knights
You know, I have probably caused people to lose their hard earned and other items of value by never tipping against South this season. That is why I am once again going to tip South to beat the Melbourne Knights. Don’t blame me, blame my passion. With or without Vaughan I expect nothing less than a convincing victory over the Knights. I bloody well mean it, too. South Melbourne 3 – Melbourne Knights 0.

Sunshine Georgies vs Richmond
Boring game who cares. Sunshine Georgies 1 – Richmond 3.

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  1. 4 out of 5 so far...not bad not bad.


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