Monday, 5 July 2010

Lakeside from the sky, June 2010 update

Last time we were able to check up on Lakeside from the sky, courtesy of the Nearmap service, the photo was from April 16th 2010, and nothing had started yet. Nearmap has finally got an updated photo, from June 21st 2010, showing well, not much progress to be honest. Anyway, the goals are gone and there are no lines, as you'd bloody well hope by now. The light towers are all still there. Apart from that, nothing else has changed. The wooden seats are still in, the grass is still green, our beloved scoreboard is still there along with the poles which held up the sponsor banners, Our magnificent occupational health and safety taunting media box is still there. The 1926 stand seems different from the previous photo, but probably mostly because of the effect that being bathed in sunlight instead of shadow has on it. Might have to make a visit in person one of these days to see what's actually going on there. Also, thanks to all the people yesterday at the Altona game who asked about my health and wellbeing after the operation to remove my appendix, it was much appreciated.

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