Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wistful longing for a little bloke who could play a bit

By Hera, we've lost the plot. Struggling to beat sides above us when they aren't playing like total bollocks. It makes you romanticise the glory days... like last year, when we at were able to scrape into the finals. One of the downhill skiing legends of that not-very-formidable-but-still-likely-higher-achieving-than-this-current-mob side was Goran Zoric. Which leads to the question, whatever did happen to Goran? Is he still OK? This photo/desktop/forum signature montage was made in April, or maybe even before that - I stole it off a Thai football forum, but the google translator only created gibberish. Police United are still hovering just outside the relegation zone, in part due to a recent surprise win over top of the table Muangthong United. But what of little Goran's part in all that? I just don't know.

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