Friday, 9 July 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 17, 2010

Before you get to one of my favourite Kiss of Death segments for this season, you should be aware that our match this Sunday against Heidelberg at Olympic Village has been brought forward from 7pm to 5pm. Now on with the show.

To whom it may concern, the following tips have nothing to do with the strengths of either team. These tips are reflective of how I would like the results to go in order for South Melbourne to continue clawing itself out of relegation trouble. Put your hard earned on these tips at your own peril.

Green Gully vs Bentleigh Greens
Let Gully move up the ladder who cares. I want to see Bentleigh take their bundles of money and slide into State 1. Plus I want to prove someone wrong. Green Gully 2 – Bentleigh 0.

Northcote City vs Sunshine Georgies
Northcote needs to win this one so the Georges can piss off out of this league that they are clearly no match for. Northcore 3 – Sunshine 0.

Dandenong Thunder vs Altona Magic
Draw it is, draw it will be. Exciting 3-3 draw.

Hume City vs Richmond
Richmond to beat Hume away. Hume 1 – Richmond 2.

Melbourne Knights vs Oakleigh Cannons
I don’t like Oakleigh, but if it means I sacrifice one of my favourite teams for South, then so be it. They played the Melbourne Fart last Friday night, but who cares really. Melbourne Knights 1 – Oakleigh Cannons 2

Heidelberg United vs South Melbourne
I wouldn’t take much from the 3-1 win South had against Altona Bapdap, however there were some promising signs. The ability of the team to come back from 0-1 down at the half time interval and dominate the second half scoring two goals. The plenty of missed chances which were created in the second half. Hamid Basma who for me was the best on ground with his constant closing down of his opponent, his ability to get away from the Altona defence, and his guts in pinging shots from every opportunity he had. I have a feeling he will be at South a very long time, and in the process break the club's goal scoring records. We haven’t had a striker like him for years, and I’m talking as far back as the NSL. A young, tall solidly built classic centre forward, with the ability to turn and face his opponent, the ability to try his luck at the slightest sniff of space, and the ability to play the ball to his team mates feet and run off for the return. Kyle Joryeff did well in the second half. His first half was a shambles, but he showed more in the second and was clearly one of the better ones. A colleague of mine tells me that Kyle reads this section of the blog, and after reading last week's absolute ‘cop hell you POS’ moment, was incensed to do better. Apparently he was looking for me as he wandered off to celebrate his goal. Other than that, we must step up a notch against the Bergertrons. We cannot lose this game and it would be a kick start for our storming into the finals….

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