Monday, 12 July 2010

More of the same - Bergers 2 South 0

A pretty dire game by both sides, but at least the home side had a plan of sorts, basic as it was in seeking to put forward a series of long balls, and which they executed well enough. All the bad decisions - in particular both penalties looked dubious to these biased eyes - and the six points lost all look irrelevant, for we often look so timid, so bereft of ideas and so lacking in direction, that were we to make the finals, we'd probably just embarrass ourselves as we did last year. Avoiding relegation, which should be a manageable task despite a few tricky games, is now the main goal - and in all honesty, only an appearance in the final of the Singapore Cup could possibly save Coveny. I'm not one to say that first year coaches should never be hired at this level, but it is quite obvious that, thus far, Vaughan has failed to get the maximum out of this squad, and his overloaded midfield and defensive structures have done little to prevent conceding goals and have sapped the little final third ammunition we have as it is.


  1. Vaughan needs to go ASAP.
    he is not helping the tips.

  2. On the flip side in the WPL.......... SMWFC 3 - Bergers 0 @ Olympic Village Monday night (12/7/10).

  3. Who cares about SMWFC. they are no relation to SMFC.

  4. Was this worse than Tsolakis circa June 2013?

    1. Different issues. Horsey was primarily tactically inept; even when it was winning, the team played hideous football, which considering Horsey's predilection for coaching courses and certificates was unacceptable. Tsolakis, while hardly a tactical genius himself, was brought undone by his lack of control of the dressing room.

      So to sum up - I think the Tsolakis era was worse, bad results and a bad vibe.


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