Sunday, 4 July 2010

Small steps - South 3 Altona 1

The first half was pretty dire from our point of view. A severe lack of creativity, and a propensity to being sliced open by the side on the bottom of the ladder, but who have still managed to score several bags in recent weeks. A deflection helped them get ahead, and deservedly so, and the only plus side seemed to be that there was enough time to claw that lead back. And so it proved, when O'Dor finished off a set piece move just before the break.

The second half was better - better movement, more solid defensively, but still lacking cohesion somewhat going forward - it took another set piece to take the lead, once again finished off by O'Dor, which while it was great to have the lead, it was disconcerting that we were relying on a centreback to do so. Kyle Joreyff took advantage of being in the right spot at the right time from a quickly taken free kick to give us a two goal buffer. A few dicey moments going the other way - including what seemed like a fairly clear handball, albeit I was at the other end of the ground, and you know what my eyesight is like.

For South, the miss of the match went to Hamid Basma, who finally snagged himself a start and probably did enough to keep his spot. After finding himself one one with the opposition keeper, former South custodian with one game to his belt (but what a game!) Andrew Sfetkopoulos, moved across the six yard box meaning he had to beat another couple of defenders, found himself with an open goal, refused to tuck it away with his left, and ended up eventually shooting into the keeper who had recovered his position. Good to get a win, sure, but we'll get done next week at the Bergers if we don't improve substantially.

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