Tuesday, 13 April 2010

So, how's Goran Zoric doing?

Well, to be honest, apart from being assigned the no. 20 shirt, I don't know. Police United aren't going too flash though, just the one draw from their first four games, sitting second last.


  1. Hi there,

    As I know, Goran hasn't made an official debut yet.

    I think that Police United have to work very hard this season in order to avoid the relegation.

    Here's some highlights

    Bangkok Glass FC 1-0 Police United


    Thai Port FC 3-2 Police United
    (This game was played at Leo Stadium of Bangkok Glass because Thai Port has been punished by Thai FA & TPL. So, They are banned and unable to play at their home ground for a few matches)


    Police United 1 -2 Samutsongkram



  2. Thanks for those clips Tony, some very nice goals. Police United are clearly on the backfoot in each set of highlights though, which is a shame.

    Bangkok Glass were the team that impressed me most. Those girls with the rabbit ears were cute, too, lol.

  3. Hi Paul

    I love those rabbit girls as well :)+555

    I've just talked to a fan of Police United. He told me that many fans also don't understand why their head coach hasn't picked Goran into the squad so far!?!


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