Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Arounds the grounds with the youth and women's sides

I've neglected these two entities for different reasons so far this season, and perhaps it's time to rectify that situation.

The under 21s have been having a good season - the momentum gained from turning around the fortunes last year (praise be to David Lugli for making them watchable again), where they finished second to Heidelberg after a couple of seasons of serious below par-ness, has not been squandered, and they are currently sitting first on the table, under the managership of Joe 'Pepe' Montemurro. I had the opportunity to watch nearly the entire hit out against Hume - the only fault I could find was in squandering countless opportunities - but their commitment and class couldn't be questioned when they came back from a goal down to beat Hume 2-1. Rhodri Payne also got some game time as he makes his way back from injury, but no sign yet of Nathan Caldwell. It's a very far cry from the dark days of 2007, where a 9 man Kingston outfit - with an outfield player as keeper! - dragged back a 3-1 deficit to win 4-3 at Kingston Heath, with some of our players on the bench laughing about it, as if it didn't matter.

As for the women, the giddy highs achieved last year appear to be a distant memory. They've lost all three games so far, having lost players of the calibre of Laura and Amelia Spiranovic as well as others to various forces of natural attrition, such as work, travel and becoming part of the women's NTC squad. As reported earlier in the year, it also appears as if they still haven't decided whether they are one of us - that is, the bigger South family - or a distinct entity. They still use the South name and a version of the South logo, but appear to be getting closer to declaring outright and full independence. Which is fine by me, as long as they get themselves a new identity. While their links to South have always been viewed by some as tenuous at best, now that the club is bringing everything back into the fold, the way things once ran, logically, can't continue in the bold world of today. If they want to be a club solely for women, that's entirely their prerogative - but lose the South Melbourne name and let everyone get on with their lives.


  1. Paul, I think members on both sides of the fence would be starting to wonder about the progress and independence of 'our' Women's team. Could this possibly be a case of empire building by one long standing head official?

  2. I don't know, Anon, I just don't know. One family with different needs and requirements is the way I would have liked it to go - I'm not sure what if any direction it's heading now - but the fact it wasn't sorted months ago doesn't inspire me with any confidence. The fact that we have to put quotation marks when talking about 'our' women's team really saddens me.

  3. Long live the Empire! Rumour has it that the Senior Women's coach has had a gut full of the Machiavellian Presidential style and has walked. It looks like a long season coming up for 'our' women.


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