Friday, 23 April 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 8, 2010

Kinnie, peanuts, souvlaki  - seems like the Kiss of Death hasn't had a decent meal for a while.

Bentleigh Greens vs Heidelberg United
Well, well, well. The peanut seller really is making a killing so far this year. All these Greek derbies, and no sign of the taxman make for a prosperous year. Now I realise why he is pushing for more Greek teams in the VPL. Souvlakis aplenty, and I might even make an appearance. Bergers to still be reeling from their tribunal hearing on Wednesday, and with three of their players being suspended including Tilovski, Elvin and the other one, the final score Bentleigh 3 Heidelberg 0. Please note: the suspensions mentioned are just my opinion on the tribunal hearing.

Northcote City vs Dandenong Thunder
Yet to have Munro’s departure confirmed, but either way, Northcote to beat the Funder 2-0 in a scrappy contest. Funder is finished.

Altona Magic vs Melbourne Knights
The Balkan derby. As the only person in the known universe to have tipped last weeks 2-2 for Altona Magic, I can now come out and tip Altona Magic 3 Melbourne Knights 3. Both play attacking, eh, kinda football.

Green Gully Cavaliers vs Sunshine Georgies
Aya ha kefinti! No idea what that means, but those words and ‘Kinnie’, are all I know of the Maltese language. This is the battle of the nobles (Gully), and the peasants from Gozo (Georgies). The pirates will be feasting on pastizzi, getting drunk on Kinnie, and slashing a horse or two. Will be a tight one, but Gully will be too good for George Cross. Final score Gully 2 George Cross 1.

Hume City vs South Melbourne - Anzac Day Cup
The landing on the shores of Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 was the first major military operation in which the new Australian commonwealth was involved. Because of this it has been regarded as the “baptism of fire” of the new nation. Lest We Forget. 

Turks vs Greeks. How this is relevant to Anzac Day other than the event date, I do not know (according to an apocryphal tale, the Turks were told the Aussies were actually Greeks - Ed). We will sit there and respect the Turkish anthem as proud Australians. We will then sit there and watch Hellas beat Hume 0-2. Be mindful of the ground signage, and all the kickboxers in the shiny jeans. Oh yeah, apparently the ground is an absolute shambles.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Richmond
I got no idea how Oakleigh won at Hume last weekend. Richmond will struggle. Oakleigh will beat them 1-0. Johnny A to make his excellent tactical substitutions in the 83rd, 85th, and 87th minutes.

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