Friday, 30 April 2010

Kiss of Death, Round 9, 2010

Kiss of Death is thinking of dessert, and so am I. Well, we have one thing in common after all.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Sunshine Georgies
Friday night at Jack Edwards. Oakleigh to brush aside the Sunshine Georgies 3-1. Not much to say about this one.

Richmond vs South Melbourne
This is the game to be at on Friday night, not Jack Edwards. Four goal hero Gianni De Nittis has finally found his range and the team is finally starting to play convincing, attractive football. A 0-6 thumping of high flying Hume has given everyone a breath of fresh air. The win we had to have. Richmond lost to Oakleigh and is on the backfoot from the get-go. A four day turnaround before they play us, most likely to be raining, South fans to be going feral still high from the win at Hume, Chatz to be under pressure, and South to top off the start of the weekend with a 0-3 win. Biggest talking point will be the boiled continental sausages and the Bavarian cheesecake.

Dandenong Thunder vs Green Gully Cavaliers
I’m still not convinced with Dandy Funder. This year they are pretty poor and Munro surely must be going soon. Gully to continue Funder’s poor season with a 0-2 win.

Hume City vs Altona Magic
I would be very surprised if Vlahos will still be on the bench for Hume before or after this game. Altona Magic will go to Hume knowing that South gave them six. Hume will know Altona Magic will be coming to rub it in. The scoreboard attendant will know the game will stay at 0-0 and he won’t be needed.

Melbourne Knights vs Bentleigh Greens
I love the Knights. They give the league a breath of fresh air. They bring mediocre high flying teams back down to earth with a thud. Bentleigh is gonna cop it. They are the most overrated team in the league, and the ladder proves that. Knights to walk away with this one 3-0 with the Canadians scoring a brace.

Heidelberg Utd vs Northcote City
What a season for the Bergers. Only win of the year at the tribunal. Can’t see them winning anything else to be honest. Northcote is a bit shabby, but good enough to beat the bergers. 0-2 to the good guys. (Northcote City)

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