Sunday, 22 March 2009

More games like this please - South Melbourne 2 Melbourne Knights 1

The first half was a waste of time, so there's no need to go over it. Bogged down in midfield. The 2nd half however, we were attacking from the outset. And we looked like scoring, and we actually did score! Twice! And then somehow, the Knights, who had done very little for most of the game to that point, got one back. And it was game on. It was end to end stuff for the last twenty minutes, with a period where we also pegged in our own half, but we held on. The atmosphere was fantastic, there was chanting from both teams, two sets of South supporters going awol... all we needed was for Nunes' shot to have gone in off the post instead of straight back to him, or for Zoric to have iced the game at the death when he had rounded Knights keeper Savas Ozdemir... but three points in the bag is sweet enough, Next week is against Whittlesea Zebras, when or where nobody knows for sure, because of recent develeopments there involving Chicken Men, Local Councils and the continuing saga of the local Italians trying to destroy seemingly every club they have in ther northern suburbs.

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