Friday, 20 March 2009

Last 6pm home game for the year - Round 4, South Melbourne vs Melbourne Knights

Last Time They Met

South Melbourne 2 Melbourne Knights 2

South did really good they were scoring goals, 2 in fact, and should have had a third except Gianni hit the post when he should have scored to make it three and we had a player sent off (Nunes) and then the Knights scored twice and it finished a draw. It was the best game of the season but I wish we'd won.

Knights should be at least slight favourites for this; realistically they have some more runs on the board, but the loss of Frakie Lagana evens it out a bit. South has an interesting situation in terms of who to put in and leave out. Sfetkopoulos should keep his spot in goal; he had so little to do last week that it near impossible to make a mistake. Rama's suspension is over and conventional wisdom says your captian must play... so if he comes in, who goes out? De Nittis has not been looking likely of late, and there's the possibility of a shuffle involving Zoric partnering Coveny up front. How much chopping and changing happens depends on how much Michalokopoulos buys into tyh hype of burying a dead opponent the wek before.

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