Sunday, 15 March 2009

So the South Australia Super League has started...

... with some old South Melbourne faces popping up amongst the scorers. Scott Tundbridge and fucking Adam Van Dommelle of all people both scored for the MetroStars (stupid, stupid name) in their 3-1 win against Adelaide Galaxy. What I also want to know is, what's the deal with something like 8 teams (not just in their top flight) having the word Adelaide and an attached gimmick as their name? Don't they have enough suburbs to go around? And what's the deal with the Super League being above the Premier League? You'd think Premier meaning, well, premier, ie; the first, best etc., would be above it. Ah fuck it, Vam Dommelle scored!


  1. The Van Dominator lives!

    (P.S - the comments system on this blog is kreas!)

  2. It's Kreas because it got out of control thanks to a few people who sought to attack others using this as their medium. Now that we've reluctantly put some accountability measures up, we've had a decrease in Kreas Komments


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