Thursday, 5 March 2009

Reardo Luka's gone... and someone's not well pleased about it.

It's business...

Reardo LUKA did not have a chance to play for the senior team at South Melbourne FC in the 2009 season. Better saying it, the club's managers did not give him a chance to play for that team he strongly dreamed and genuinely believed would be involved.

After he broke his leg playing for SMFC in 2007, Reardo worked to prepare himself non-stop in both ways, physically and mentally, to challenge the existing 'high standard in that standard of players' and the 'sharp requirements' for professionalism in this category of soccer, looking forward to a magnificent season with SMFC.

My harsh criticism goes to the club's managers that did not value his huge efforts to recover quickly and his hard work to get back on track for the sake of this club and for sure to give a positive contribution for this club.

Looking after their club’s interests, an interest to gain big things and other profitable deals, momentarily out of reach, the managers ruled out Reardo, demolishing his sincere belief that the club would give him a chance… and if he didn’t work as they expected in the club’s preseason games, he would be out of this squad and surely seek other options.

Now, Reardo has registered himself to play for Werribee Bees SC in 2009, a second division team, as he seeks to gain some ‘confidence’ lost after that terribly bad news from his previous SMFC managers… and by playing close to home, he looks to fulfill his family duties as well.

Good luck SMFC and cheers!

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