Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Not sure what to make of it all

Those still supporting the 'kyanolefki' in these difficult times will likely have fond memories of the 2006 season. We did win a championship after all, even if it wasn't the type we had become accustomed to. But disappointingly, The Age didn't see fit to mention anything about it whatsoever, the off the record excuses being that The Age doesn't cover second tier sport - which means that VAFA matches, under 18s and third rate country aussie rules leagues are top tier sport, because they get their coverage every week - and that Michael Lynch was in Perth anyway covering the Glory-Victory game, and ya know, it's not like Fairfax has a whole network of suburban sport reporters or could hire a freelancer for one game. The Herald Sun wasn't much better, dedicating a whole thimble of space to the decider, chucking Peter Desira's name on it even though he wasn't there either (probably in the same place Lynchy was) and even got Gianni De Nittis goal all wrong - he headed it in, not kicked it. But hey, it was something, I guess, if you're satisfied by that kind of treatment.

So upon reading The Age's sport section yesterday morning, being bored at school and whatnot, I was quite surprised to see a dedicated and colourful article on last Sunday's VPL grand final. I mean, where did this come from? It had Lynchy's name on it, it was fairly comprehensive, had some nice photos. What's changed on the two years since our non-appearance in the same paper? Did it get in because Michael happened to be in Melbourne this time as opposed to covering an interstate Victory fixture? Would the article have been written if he was interstate or overseas? And what happened to the second tier sport line? You don't want to start trotting out conspiracy trains of thought, because then you look like a paranoid moron. But it does get you thinking as to what are the hard and fast rules about a newspaper works, how much of it whim, and why one whim overcomes another in a similar circumstance. I suppose what we need now to test out the situation further is for South to reach the final next year, win the game, make sure Lynch is in Melbourne, and see what happens. I think we might need NASA to tell us if these three phenomena could ever possibly align.

Oh and the Herald Sun this year? Zilch.

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