Friday, 26 September 2008

Weekend derby

This Sunday will see the under 14 girls of South Melbourne and Port Melbourne play in what was meant to be a highly anticipated friendly match between South Melbourne and a team from Tasmania, but since the Tasmanian team has pulled out, good old Port have taken their place. :)

South and Port, two classic well known teams, each have a long and interesting history. Port's season? I personally believe Port had the ability to get a couple of spots higher, in the top 4 at least, but they didn't push to the limit, and it showed in their end season result. They had alot of capability in their matches but I could see they failed to capitalise. South's season? Roughly the same, but they really should've ended in front of Box Hill. To come second last, where they were overall a better team than Box Hill, and had better chances, is dissappointing. But we're over it. We're looking onto next season.

Round 1 of the past season saw South playing at Port's home, and copping a 6-1 loss in their first game of the year. A great victory for Port, would've given them high spirits, especially in their first game. Round 10, when they met again, saw Port steal a 2-1 victory over at South's ground. Port may have been alot stronger, but South really pushed the last time they faced Port, and the final score showed. This will be the final time the two teams face each other this year, and it really will be a good game. The teams may not be upto scratch, with people being on holiday, and girls who aren't at full-season fitness, but it'll be an entertaining game nonetheless.

We encourage everyone to come down and support the girls in their final game this year!! :)

Place: Bob Jane Stadium

Kickoff: 11am
Entry: Free

Can South get third time lucky? :D

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