Thursday, 11 September 2008

Rumour on make up of next year's WVPL

Not sure of the validity of the following info, but a little ray of hope possibly for SMWFC on their fight to stay in the Victorian top flight.

WPL will consist of 10 teams in 2009, idea is to strengthen the league and allow for w-league and summer league to creep into the space. There will be 2 relegated from 2008 WPL (Eastern Lions, GSL) and no promotion from State 1.

Source: The Football Magnate posting on soccer-forum


  1. Was initially sposed to be 3 down and 2 up, seems like they changed their mind again - Wayne

  2. It's official, South Women are in WPL 2009. GSL and Eastern Lions out, no promotion, 10 team league.


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