Friday, 12 September 2008

Earth Not Shattered Into A Million Pieces... Yet

This Large Hadron Collider business has got a whole lot of folks worried about the Earth blowing up. Was supposed to destroy us all at 5pm AEST a couple of days ago... and then it turned out that they had only sent particles in one direction, and that the real test involving collision won't happen until the 26th October or something. Which is mirroring the current Southern Cross debate in uncanny ways, if you squint real hard. So far Southern Cross has been sending its 'we want in' particles around the place, and got a whole bunch of people in a spin, and yet nothing's really happened. Is it possible that if they are successful, their ambition colliding with certain people's perceived reality will shatter the earth? Or at least Australian football? Hard to say. Kinda want it all to happen for that reason now, to see us all get sucked into a black hole of endless stupidity. But then I remember that Australian I Can't Believe It's Not Soccer is that black hole, and we should probably move our focus away from Big Bang theories and into areas dealing with Hugh Everett III's Many Worlds Theory, which might explain how fucked up everything is right now and always has been. I dunno, I guess I'm just a bit bored and disappointed with a few people at the moment. 

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