Tuesday, 16 September 2008

OzFootball - Looking for volunteers

Some of you may have seen this around certain A-League forums, and to those people I apologise, kinda. For about a year now I've been in sorta charge of the OzFootball Club Database. One of the more time consuming aspects of this work is the compilation of statistics to do with match results of seasons and player rosters, as in the examples below.

South Melbourne Player Roster

South Melbourne Match Results

Now, it's all in html, the template is set, and much of the info is available in unsorted or semi-sorted formats in other parts of OzFootball. The hard part is making sure player roster info in particular is accurate, as well as because it's in html, the time required to do it. Now, I've been very gradually doing the South related stuff, and I have people already working on A-league stats, but there's a heap of NSL club sides that really should have their histories, which are also our histories, preserved and presented in a clear and accessible manner.

You will of course be credited and thanked for any work you do. It also gives one a nice warm feeling inside to know that they're part of the solution of 'oldskool' preservation instead of just another person who merely talks about it. As well, the information gathered will also be able more easily transferred to other parts of the site, such as the player stats pages.

If you are keen to do something, send me an email at blackmissionary@hotmail.com, or if you're keen on helping in some other area, contact one of the other people co-ordinating projects. Hope to here from you.

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