Saturday, 20 September 2008

It's Official! South girls stay in WVPL!

Good news received from the women's team blog:

Women in WPL 2009
It has today been officially confirmed that SMWFC will remain in the WPL for season 2009.

The FFV released its decision, confirming that the eleventh placed team (GSL) would be relegated to State League 1, and no teams will be promoted. The league will be a 10 team competition in 2009.

We can also confirm that both Moris Mihailidis and Matthew Shaw will be continuing in their respective positions as the Senior and Reserve Coaches for the 2009 season. We look forward to building on the groundwork that has been done in 2008 by both players and coaches.

It would have been an absolute travesty to relegate them after putting up a decent fight and some good showings throughout the year after winning promotion. Now they can enjoy their Tracie McGovern Cup trip in Port MacQuarie next month a bit more. And when doI get a chance to defend my trivia night crown of last year?

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