Monday, 29 September 2008

Ex-South People *Heart* Melbourne Heart

So former prez Greg 'don't swear please' Kaias is on the backpage of Neos Kosmos, officially as part of the Heart consortium. After churning through Heidelberg, Collingwood Warriors and ourselves, is this the kind of person that we should be looking at for the future health of soccer in this country? I suppose if you've still got Remo Nagarotto out there, the Constantines, Catalano who's ditched the Royals and Victory, and Lowy who's old team dropped out one round into the 1987 season after they'd done a review culling half the teams, well I guess everyone's welcome. Well almost everybody. Even Trimmers is onboard, apparently praising them yesterday on SEN, though not having heard it myself, I'm wary of going on the advice of biased, lying, shit-stirring (poorly) knobjockeys and folks who had screaming kids in the car while it was on, no offence to anyone. Well, now they've got to sell it to the world, and not the just the FFA (though as they've not been given the licence yet, they still have to do that), so we'll get to be knowing them more and more as time passes. Maybe they'll find a way to use us too? Hmm.

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  1. I hope the new Melbourne Hearts consortium doesn't give its investors heartburn. Otherwise a good dose of alka selzer or pepto bismol will relieve their pain


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