Friday, 16 May 2008

South looking for 3 wins in a row - Round 13, South Melbourne vs Frankston Pines

Don't you love obvious anagrams that shouldn't be touched with 30 foot pole?

Last time they met

Round 25, 2006, at Bob Jane Stadium

South Melbourne 5 Frankston Pines 1

The Pines hung in there for a while, even leveling the scores after Tavsancioglu put South ahead early, but doubles from De Moraes and De Nittis put paid to any notion of an upset. One team was on the march to the finals, and one was headed for relegation, and it showed all over the field.

South hasn't won three in a row since mid last year. Pines haven't won a game all season, managing only two draws and conceding an average of over of two goals a game. I know who my money's on. And yet this could be the kind of game where the Pines rally, and with Peter Zois now in goals, South's poor finishing this year may find another obstacle to overcome. But really, South should win this fairly comfortably, considering that they've started to show signs of cohesion and form, and continue to close the gap on the top six, and a win here would set up a nice little derby against Heidelberg next week, with the hopes of launching the 2nd half of the season in a much better fashion than they started it.

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