Saturday, 10 May 2008

Pumpkin Seed Eaters Episode 7

Hmm. Another fortnight, another episode. This time around, mailbag, previews, Chelsea headhunter returns, gold logie award, their continued surge in popularity across this big brown land, and music which or may not be to your taste - needs more Holy Bible era Manic Street Preachers in my opinion. And then there's the good stuff. The aural equivalent of a pretty fucking nasty angry pill which will get even cynical members of Generation X off their arses to fight the power, namely an analysis of an interview which Evil Geoff Lord did on on SEN. And an actually rather clever and well executed parody of the 4Diegos, also of SEN.

And in some serious postmodern headfuckery, another plug of South of the Border, with particular focus on my review of their episode 5. Selective quoting? Elaborate gamesmanship in order to receive and send reciprocal plugs, or just an attempt to use South of the Border for certain slightly nefarious purposes? It's all a bit much to think about at the time of writing this, (11:30 on a Wednesday night), but for those of my 10-20 regular readers who haven't downloaded the show by now, you'll want to head straight to 35:25 minutes into the episode and hear it for yourself. But really, you should all know whether you enjoy their stuff or not by now anyway. National audience, does your head in contemplating the ramifications. Soon, like South of the Border, they'll be an international phenomenon. And Zeus help us all when that happens.

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  1. It just dawned on me (that word Dawn again! Golden or New!) that, even though I was in self imposed exile from local soccer, I would listen to the Pumpkin Eaters!

    Maybe that was an early clue that I wanted to come back.


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