Thursday, 15 May 2008


Remember this stupid gimmick that everyone was falling over themselves to praise the South board for getting us in there ahead of the Victory who wanted nothing to do with it? That sentence could have done with some punctuation. Anyway, remember


Well about a year later and what happened? Well firstly, we certainly are not in there. But would we want to be? What the hell is Teamelbourne all about anyway? It looks like the only people they've managed to rope in are, a glorified pony club, an aussie rules team which stands for nothing, a thugby league team bankrolled almost entirely by Rupes, the city's premier basketball team which plays out of the netball centre, and a netball team. Oh, and the MSO. Whoopee. And what do they do? I can't really tell to be honest. What would be the benefit of joining this illustrious group? You tell me, because I can't bloody figure it out. All that getting your jollies off for nothing, except that like most of your wanks, they weren't memorable enough to file away to reminisce upon during a quiet autumn evening.

So, where to from here? Well, there was this book I read by some schmo called John Carroll, called The Wreck Of Western Culture: Humanism Revisited. It's all about how western society, from the Renaissance onwards, destroyed all its central myths to the point where we believe in nothing and stand for nothing, and therefore our lives have no centre to turn to when it all goes pear shaped. Or something like that. Anyway, even if you end up disagreeing with it, you'll still remember it long after sham enterprises like Teamelbourne end up in the sportsentertainmentmarketing toilet. Well, one can only hope that's how it ends up.

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