Sunday, 4 May 2008

Winning Is Good - South Melbourne 1 Richmond 0

De Nittis scored, hardly surprising, while a number of players should have scored, but didn't, which was not. Dominated a slow paced game, the previously free scoring Richmond kept to few chances, South earning their 2nd clean sheet for the year. On the minus side, Natsioulas seemed to come off with a serious injury, Fernando will miss the next 1-2 games with AFC Fustalroos duty - as reported in South of the Border, like, ages ago, though you had to look carefully - but on the other hand, some players appear to be coming into some sort of form, and we may have turned the corner.


  1. Ey re me and Vasili have some videos up on Youtube from this.

    Keep up the gd work!

  2. i've seen your shuffling videos cliff. the best video you have is of columbo going over the fence.


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