Saturday, 17 May 2008

South of the Border haiku edition no. 6

It's raining. It's a Saturday. Bored. Trying not to reply to one of the most retarded threads I've ever seen on the Victory forum about how awesome everything is now, and how we're all riding into a gorgeous sunset, off to the next frontier town after vanquishing those evil effnik scoundrels who were harassing this poor town and its decent, churchgoing folk. No explanation this week, but in exchange you get two haiku on the same theme, to make up for not putting them up last week. Because I know you missed this segment so very much. Sort of a tribute to the on field vision of Fernando De Moraes, who sees paths which others don't.

through ball
through wormhole;
bent linearity

through ball through wormhole;
notions of linearity
dashed with defenses

1 comment:

  1. onfield visionary
    fernando de moraes
    the paths others miss


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