Monday, 17 March 2014

Kiss of Death - Stop Press! Trent Rixon carry over suspension.

Remember this article? And then this one? Well the Kiss of Death, who unlike myself is in the habit of viewing the weekly suspension sheets, noticed something unusual.

I received an email today, very interesting to say the least.

After a browse of the carry over suspension list located here, I discovered that Northcotes Trent Rixon is currently suspended. He gained this suspension in last year's Northcote City v South Melbourne finals match at Port Melbourne.

13/10/2013 RIXON,Trent South Melbourne FC Men's Victorian Premier League

Y2 Automatic Game Accumulation of two (2) yellow cards in a Finals Series 
1 game Suspension

Therefore, Trent Rixon should not have played against the Knights.

Therefore, Northcote City fielded an ineligible player.

Therefore, Northcote City must face the penalty.


  1. Seems that would also apply to three players from Bentleigh Greens 2013 side,

  2. The relevant section KOD is using to justify their positions is 8.2c of the GDT bylaws whuch say:

    "A Suspension arising out of a Finals Series which is not served in full in that Finals Series
    shall be carried over to the following competition season in which the Club Associate

  3. Which seems harsh for a simple two yellow cards as opposed to the standard five, but it seems pretty clear cut. However, the KOD also notes that it's also up to the relevant opponent to make the claim, not the FFV.

    1. I look at "Finals" like tournament play, where two yellow cards in either the Group Stage or Knock-Out stage result in suspension.

  4. I know in the past where the FFV has given the okay to a club querying the status of a player only for someone then to re-check team sheets/reports and then updating the suspensions list without informing the club. Could that have happened here?

  5. Northcote/FFV will likely claim some sort of loophole that VPL player suspensions expired when the VPL was wound up, and all players are starting clean in the NPL.


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