Thursday, 6 March 2014

Signings, Fixtures, Media, Departures

Opa Rok Der Choc Der department
Another ex-Dandenong Thunder player has joined up, one Andrew Mullet, a defender. Also in that article, you can see we have signed one James Musa as a centreback (whose name has since been removed from article - see comments section). Gee, the parents and kids in our youth development programme must be feeling good right about now. Also, sucks to be Brad Norton it seems. Bah, we're here to win a title, not make friends, right?

Looks like we've also signed young players Kobbie Boahene and Andy Kecojevic, as well as Bojo Jevdjevic (one of the funnier opposition goalkeepers we've had in recent times) as keeper coach.

Fixture changes
There have been a number of adjustments. Here they are as they relate to South.
  • Our round one clash against Heidelberg has been brought forward from an 8:30 to a 7:15 start.
  • Our first home against Ballarat has been moved to a Thursday rather than the Wednesday.
  • Our away match against Bentleigh has been moved back from the Wednesday to the Tuesday.
  • Our Sunday home games will kick off at 5:00, not 3:00 - with the apparent exception of the game against Green Gully - though that, too, may be subject to change.
Well done Griffo!
Congratulations are in order for Steve From Broady, who managed to score FFV media accreditation for season 2014. A fair reward for the effort he put in during 2013 across the board, including 21s reports, canteen reviews, stats work and SMFC Radio.

Another board member departs
We've received confirmation that long serving boardmember George Triantos has resigned from the board, due to increased work commitments. He will however still be involved as a volunteer in the sponsorship, events and media areas.

Another link on the side there
Ever get sick of Victorian soccer? Then it's worth taking a look at Tasmanian soccer, courtesy of Walter Pless' site. We've talked about Walter's work before, so it seems kind of negligent not to have linked his site on here before in a permanent way. So there's one injustice rectified - it's a great site with an interesting community of mostly anonymous posters, and it affords a much needed dose of perspective.


  1. Very sneaky of the the SMFC digitial media team to remove James Musa's name from the linked article, making me look like a liar in front of all the people on the Yellow Fever forums.

  2. Also, very disappointed with FFV's media pass policy for 2014, though at least they have developed more of one this year than they had in 2013 (which amounted to 'it's enjoyable, but you don't need a pass to do what you do').

    But no notification to unsuccessful applicants is fairly poor form - I would have thought it's just common courtesy. Also, no accreditation given to bloggers across the board? That's just taking us back to the media dinosaur ages.

    I can understand that a lot of bloggers wouldn't cut the mustard for all sorts of reasons (just as other print applicants wouldn't), but I think after six years this blog would have enough runs on the board to maybe get a little bit of sympathy to not be assessed in the way other, less prominent, less substantial and less frequently updated blogs would be.

    I mean, we did have media accreditation for a couple of years (2011 and 2012), and while I know that doesn't mean I should get accreditation automatically, it's just... I don't know really. How many other people are covering NPL for an online audience?

    Trust me, I hate it just as much as all of you do when I start sooking. I'm going to try harder not to do too much of it in 2014, though I will almost certainly fail.


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