Friday, 1 April 2011

Kiss of Death, Round 7, season 2011

This week's lesson? Don't get the Kiss of Death angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry.

Scotch Watch
Both teams had wins last week, so the gap is still four points.

  • South Melbourne, 2nd spot, 14 points, goal difference +5
  • Bentleigh Greens, 5th spot, 10 points, goal difference -1

Northcote City vs Heidelberg United  
This is the game where Northcote bounces back. They have had a slow start and are struggling with injuries. Heidelberg still have their coach suspended and they will struggle in the derby. They had a good win against an overrated Oakleigh last week. Northcote City 2 – Heidelberg 2.

Dandenong Thunder vs Green Gully Cavaliers
Dandenong had a good win at Northcote last week, while the Cavaliers lost at home to Hume. Green Gully are struggling and time would be right after this week for Ian Dobson to step in and take over from Ljubo Lapsansky. After this week's loss to Dandenong, I can see this happening. Dandenong are travelling well sitting top of the table and they look to have settled and gone under the radar.
Dandenong Thunder 3 – Green Gully Cavaliers 0.

Hume City vs Springvale White Eagles
Hume was disappointing last week against Green Gully. They still did win 0-1 however, as well as a 0-3 thumping of the the VTC midweek. Springvale is a yoyo team. They can score, but can also concede. A 4-1 home win to a dead Richmond last week was a good result, but I don’t think they can get over Hume. Experience will be a factor in this weekend's game. Hume City 3 – Springvale White Eagles 2.

Richmond vs Bentleigh Greens
Don’t mind me, I’m already drunk. As bad as Richmond has been so far this season, surely they should notch up a win over Bentleigh. Bentleigh has yet to impress. Then again neither has Richmond. Richmond 2 – Bentleigh Greens 1.

St Albans Saints vs South Melbourne
So this week I travel down to Fox Street, St Albans. Haven’t been there for a few years. Nice little compact facility, parking's a bit of a bitch, the food is great, the fans are hardworking blue collar Labor voters, and the chick behind the bar is apparently a moisty. St Albans sacked their coach Kruni Razov after the loss at Bentleigh, and a rumour which I made up the next day seems to have gathered some pace. The day after this sacking, North Geelong sacked their coach Vinko Buljubasic. I don’t know who has replaced Razov, but Buljubasic seems the perfect replacement.

Here’s a big BAM rumour going round the traps at state league level concerning the sacking of Buljubasic. Joe (Josip) Skoko, that’s right, ex-Socceroo Josip Skoko will be kitting up for North Geelong in this year's State 1 competition.

South Melbourne on the other hand seem to have finally steadied the ship and plugged the goal leaking. They sit second on the table behind Dandenong and should gain another six points in the next two games against St Albans and Richmond. This attacking brand that Eddie has brought to the club seems to be a match winner, and a crowd pleaser. There are some people who sook and carry on if we win 6-4, but are happy when we win 2-1 or 3-1. You do not lose points for conceding goals if you score more than the other team! I really don’t care how many goals we concede, as long as we score more. I also don’t care how many midfielders we have down at the club. Contrary to this blog, I don’t think a club can have enough midfielders. Statistically midfielders are the most injury prone players due to the amount of kilometres they run, the amount of time they have the ball, and the amount of tackles they get and make. There is nothing in the rule book that says only strikers are allowed to score goals. The majority of midfielders at South are attacking midfielders anyway, so what’s the problem? People at South seem to fall for whatever the media (however limited) seem to say. Sheep! Yes, as a fan you have an opinion, however when it’s trumped by someone qualified, then shut it. South is on 2.5 goals scored per game, and a 1.8 goals conceded average so far this year. Whinging, whinging, whinging. We could win it this year, yet some idiot will come out and say, “yeah, but we copped 50 goals”…yeah but we scored 100 you moron. St Albans Saints 0 – South Melbourne 4

Melbourne Knights vs Oakleigh Cannons
Three losses in a row and surely it’s good bye to Arthur Papas down at Oakleigh. The young coach doesn’t seem to have the tactical nous that everyone made out he had. He has been tactically outsmarted by Eddie Krncevic at South, and the reserves coach down at Heidelberg. Surely the pressure must be on. The popstar team just isn’t performing and are lucky to be in the top half of the table. Melbourne Knights on the other hand play good football. They attack at any chance, and close down the opposition very quickly. They have become pack hunters and this showed against South Melbourne last week. Their only weakness seems to be defending against three or more strikers. To concede three goals in the last 11 minutes of a game is not good enough at this level. Melbourne Knights 2 – Oakleigh Cannons 1.

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