Tuesday, 26 April 2011

South opens Mirabella Cup account with easy win - South Melbourne 14 Yarraville 0

Nicky Jacobs adds to the torrent of goals. Photo: Gains
Possibly several records broken today - most notably, it might have been South's largest ever win in a competitive fixture. It was 4-0 at halftime, with a bundle of squandered chances for South. In the second half, Yarraville gave up the ghost entirely. The match was played at very leisurely pace - I was informed by someone more knowledgeable on the matter that Yarraville had a nearly full strength squad out on the park today. For our part, it was a mixture of some senior heads and some youngsters that got a run. Jacobs, Russell, Sardelic, Treloar, Simmons, Deroune (the so called Moroccan keeper, who I haven't seen seriously tested yet) and Vandermay got a bit of a run, as did Gianni De Nittis. It was a mess of a day really. Even when Yarraville managed to get an all too rare chance, they managed to squander it by going round in circles. Next game should be more difficult, assuming that Port Melbourne do the business against South Yarra.

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