Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bad day at the office - Hume City 5 South Melbourne 0

More or less everything that could go wrong on the field did so today. Captain Steven O'Dor was missing from the start, with Carl Recchia in defense once more. After a couple of early chances for South, Hume took the lead with a powerful and accurate long range strike, which Zaim Zeneli had little chance of reaching.

Things took a turn for the worse, when Jesse Krncevic received an instant dismissal for a behind the scenes incident, and was soon followed by Ljubo Milicevic after an at best clumsy, and at worst reckless high challenge. The 2-0 goal followed from that free kick, with Recchia injuring his ankle in the goalmouth scramble that lead to the goal.

After half time Hume eased off the pace, but still thoroughly controlled the match, except for the occasional foray forward on the right hand side by South. In one of those instances, while 3-0 down, one of our players received a two handed push in the back while chasing a ball in the box that was either missed or ignored by the officials.

It summed up the day for South, as the game, dead as a spectacle from early on, petered out to its predictable finish with more goals to the home side. Senior players were subbed off, and some kids got to fill in the time left. A tough few weeks coming up after the Easter break, where Eddie's coaching mettle and the talent and readiness of some our younger players will be put to the test.

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