Wednesday, 20 April 2011

South Melbourne and Box Hill United playing for the Adidas Cup

If you need a South fix on this otherwise football free weekend, here's something which may pique your interest, and it's for a good cause as well. South of the Border may be in attendance, but only in the event that we choose to give the Green Gully - Mildura United match in the Mirabella Cup a miss. No women's matches... I guess we're still estranged from each other...

Easter Saturday Football Gala – Box Hill United SC v South Melbourne FC,

Date Saturday 23 April 2011

Venue: Wembley Park, Canterbury Road, Box Hill - Full Canteen Facilities will be open

Entry Cost – Gold Coin Donation, proceeds to Royal Children’s Hospital – Good Friday Appeal

Schedule of Games (Age Group/Kick Off/Game Length)
  • U12 Boys 9.30 am 50 min (2 x 25 min)
  • U14 Boys 10.45 am 60 min (2 x 30 min)
  • U15 Boys 12.00 pm 70 min (2 x 35 min)
  • U18 Boys 1.20 pm 80 min (2 x 40 min)
  • U21 Men 3.15 pm 90 min (2 x 45min)
  • Senior Men 5.15 pm 90 min (2 x 45min)

All Junior boys teams are at A Level. SSF Matches U10 & U11 Kick off at 11am, in tandem matches at Sparks Reserve – across the road, from Wembley Park. FFV competition rules apply.

Points to be allocated on basis of result of each game.
• 3 points for Win
• 1 point for Draw
• Bonus point for every 2 goals scored, for either team.
• Goal Average to decide winner, if needed.

Winner will be awarded the Adidas Cup

Parking available across the road from Wembley Park, at Sparks Reserve.

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