Thursday, 3 March 2011

Last night's score - South 2 VTC 3

Another Glorious Day in the History of South Melbourne Hellas!

Talk about the game? Why would I do a stupid thing like that?

I want to talk about other things.

Sure I live in Altona North, but as self-appointed South Melbourne FC public transport guru and informal tour operator I decided against taking my car to the ground and instead chose to help a couple of friends make their way to this irregular location.

With one of those being my mate Steve from Broady, a young man with a hearty appetite, we ended up at the McDonalds on the corner of Lonsdale and Swanston Streets. Me, I didn't want anything, so I just stood back and waited for his large Quarter Pounder Meal to get ready.

While waiting in that line, some guy with an obviously shaky grip on reality walks past me, then turns around and asks 'what did you say to me?', when I hadn't said anything at all. After an attempt to break me down psychologically by looking at me with a mean shifty stare, he decided that maybe I hadn't said anything after all and walked off.

In any event, I reckon I could have taken him down if necessary, which isn't saying much, and besides, Steve from Broady would have given me a hand if anything happened that required his intervention. We decided to go upstairs because 'it's mad', but being a fast food restaurant in the city, it's full of sparrows which is totally hygienic of course, which didn't seem bother Steve from Broady as much as the initial spot being messy.

After his finishes up, we head out to the bus top to meet Gains. Except for some reason the bus stop is not where it usually is and we have to walk back in the opposite direction. The bus before the one I had scheduled us to use is actually waiting there and we get on. As the bus winds its way through the thoroughfares and avenues of Port Melbourne, Steve from Broady brings up his usual complaint, 'oh, look, Paul's got us lost again', which only happened that one time, and soon enough the parklands were in view and we got off the bus.

I hadn't been to Port Melbourne's SS Anderson Reserve since early 2006 where we lost the Hellenic Cup final to Oakleigh in extra time. Nothing much has changed. The lights are still good, the field is still immaculate by Victorian standards, but I was confused by two things. Firstly, in addition to the usual beverage fare, they also had Magners. That's right, Port Melbourne is turning into a hipster club.

Secondly, where were the souvlakia? They had hamburgers, steak and sausage rolls, but no souvs! I made do with an (overcooked) steak roll and king size Mars bar, but it just wasn't the same. The rest of the evening, with its twists and turns, injuries, quick starts, fightbacks and unnecessary answers to rhetorical questions, just wasn't as interesting.


  1. Irish Cider at a Greek Club.

  2. As much of a fan I am of ciders, the gentrification of Port Melbourne has officially gone too far. Next they'll have bouncers at the gate rejecting people based on their shoes and lack of a collar.


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