Friday, 14 August 2009

Last roll of the home and away dice - Round 22, South Melbounre Hellas vs Sunshine George Cross

Last Time They Met

Rounnd 11, 2009, at Chaplin Reserve

Sunshine George Cross 1
South Melbounre Hellas 1

The pitch was a mess, which suited the home side whose physical style got them an early lead. South hit back not too long afterwards though, and the rest of the game was mostly a dour midfield stalemate.


It's pretty much like this. Shamelessly stolen from the South official site.

With all sorts of combinations possible, the scenarios have been broken down below with the VPL ladder.

2. Hume City - 37 points +24 GD
3. Altona Magic - 37 points +10 GD
4. Green Gully - 35 points +7 GD
5. South Melbourne FC - 34 points +18 GD
6. Heidelberg - 34 points +10 GD
7. Sunshine GC - 32 points +1 GD

South will finish 2nd if:

* South beat Sunshine by 3 goals or more
* Hume loses to Oakleigh by 3 goals or more
* Altona loses to the Melbourne Knights
* Green Gully draws or loses to Richmond

South will finish 3rd if:

* Hume draws or wins against Oakleigh
* South beat Sunshine
* Altona loses to the Melbourne Knights
* Green Gully draws or loses to Richmond

South will finish 4th if:

* Hume and Altona draw or win their matches
* South beat Sunshine and Green Gully draws with Richmond


South draw with Sunshine and Green Gully loses to Richmond

South will finish 5th if:

* Hume and Altona record a point in their matches
* Green Gully, South and Heidelberg all win or draw their games


Green Gully earns at least a point and both South and Heidelberg draw their matches

South will MISS the finals if:

* Sunshine beats South


South draws to Sunshine and Heidelberg defeats Dandenong

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