Friday, 7 August 2009

Hey, it's near my place - Round 21, Altona Magic vs South Melbourne

Last Time They Met

South 2 Magic 0, Round 10, 2009 at Lakeside.

De Nittis and Nunes scored. For some reason I can barely remember this game.


Well, win this and we're pretty much in the finals and still in line for a double chance. Lose this and we're not of the finals, but it adds unnecessary angst to the final round. I don't know what happens in the even of a draw. But there's more important things to think about.

The players should be aware that Clarendon Corner is currently going through the process of voting for its player of the year. Quite a few people have already voted. I haven't. Quite likely this game could make me forget the rest of the season entirely, and someone putting in a good performance might earn themselves three votes just for playing one good game. How about that? Of course, the far more prestigious South of the Border awards, which are so prestigious in fact that they are known only to the 5-6 readers of this blog and contains no trophy - the reasoning being, how could one capture the awesomeness of them? - will be based upon on an entire seasons work. Even better if there's some finals eaction.

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