Thursday, 13 August 2009

Ten South rumours I'm starting just for the hell of it

  1. Ricky Diaco did not eat all the pies.
  2. There are still Peter Buljan/General Diagnostic Laboratories mousepads in existence.
  3. Neos Kosmos does not require secret cash payments in order to boost the coverage of your club in its pages.
  4. There are not dozens and perhaps even hundreds of South trophies and other artefacts in people's houses across the country, which were allegedly looted at various stages of the club's history.
  5. The overwhelming majority of South fans would be happy to pay $2 for a copy of a matchday programme.
  6. Old Greek guys drinking coffees at cafes in Oakleigh/Northcote/Yarraville/insert own proximate centre of local Hellenism are the best source of information about the inner workings of South Melbourne Hellas, especially if they haven't stepped inside the place since 1998.
  7. People would like Jimmy Armstrong more if he was Greek.
  8. You cannot make another search so soon after your last.
  9. Hulk Hogan got to be the way he was by doing his exercises, taking his vitamins and saying his prayers
  10. South Melbourne Hellas is the biggest soccer club in Australia.


  1. 1998? My last ever attendance of SM Hellas in the NSL!

    So it was a watershed year?

    1. No, pretty arbitrary choice to be honest.


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