Friday, 14 August 2009

Michael Lynch does what Michael Lynch does

Or, Three Years Tops

Or, The Law of Diminishing Returns

Or, If replying semi-curtly once a year to a jaded VPL fan who has just snapped his journalistic undies is as hard as it gets, then Michael Lynch's job perhaps isn't that hard after all.

 Every now and again, The Age and other newspapers likes ot have a bit of an online blog thingo where peeps send in questions and others answer them. Apparently The Age's soccer and motorsport writer Michael 'Glenda' Lynch had a go today. He got the following question from a South fan. Before you get to read it, let me just say that it doesn't differ much from the answer he gave to an angry tirade of mine that I sent to him some time back.

In fact pretty much the only difference is the mentioning of the online stuff - which considering we're in the year 2009 CE, just goes to show that in addition to providing only a very narrow - albeit popular - range of news and information, that the dinosaur print newspapers still haven't come to grips with the possibilities of the information age.

 You know, I have nothing specific against the print news media - rather it's a long list of socialist cliche complaints - but it's not like I'm itching to see them die. But die they will. Because, if they haven't twigged yet, people, especially younger people, are aware that they have the ability to choose their own information. Choose what is relevant to their needs. And whatever the ethical implications are of that, chances are the oldschool print media will suffer.

And in a small way, not giving people want they want will have been a part of their downfall. 

Hi Michael

Did you realise that the VPL still is being played in Victoria?

Thanks for the continued coverage, all clubs appreciate it! NOT!

Yes, I am aware. One of my good friends has coached the club that has set the pace all season.
I would like us to cover the VPL, but it suffers the same fate as so many second or third tier competitions in the Australian media.
Firstly you have to understand that Aussie Rules will be guaranteed to take up half the space available, at least. I don't like or agree with that, but its not my decision. (The proportion is pretty much the same at the Herald Sun too, if not even more sometimes).
That means everything else, from F1 to world championship boxing, Football to Rugby Union, Rugby League, cricket (even the Ashes is subordinate to the demands of footy), horse racing, tennis, golf (even the Masters and British Opens) etc all have to be squeezed into the other space.
Effectively, that means second tier competition is not covered. We don't cover the District cricket. We don't cover the second tier basketball. Huge as footy is, we only give a cursory wrap to the VFL. And space means we haven't got much, if any, room, for the VPL. We hardly cover boxing, kick boxing, polo, three day eventing, motor sport (bar the V8s and F1) either.
Online does represent an avenue for coverage, and I will try to ensure we get some VPL stuff up online during the finals and perhaps next season on The Its just a question of resourcing.
Hopefully your sardonic mood is now mollified slightly. You might not be any happier, but you may be wiser.
- Michael Lynch

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