Saturday, 8 August 2009

Lousy beyond your wildest imagination - Magic 3 Some team posing as the great South Melbourne Hellas 0

Poor. Quite poor. Abysmal. I could become a walking thesaurus but what's the point? The future as I type this is no longer entirely in our hands. We're now dependant not only on other teams doing us favours, but even worse, doing ourselves one by beating a team not in the bottom three.

There was little zip, pep, energy, maybe one shot on target, a lot of Joel Bowden, to Deledio back to Bowden defensive 50 kick to kick rubbish and far too much of can't score a goal from your own innovation, here have one on the house, and another because I like the cut of your jib.

At least the under 21s won 4-0. With some sort of miracle they could yet win the title, being equal first but with Heidelberg still to play a couple of games and our boys just one. At least there was evidence of players that could shoot, pass, run etc.

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