Thursday, 4 July 2013

Out: Gus. In : CT. Kiss of Death, Round 12, 2013

It's times like these when I'm glad we have the Kiss of Death on board.

Gus has gone.

It was inevitable. After the events which unfolded last week, there was no question that the Port Melbourne game would be his last. Regardless of what people said, and what Gus said, you could sense at Lakeside that this was it. Another coach gone from South. Am I upset about this? No. I wanted Gus gone at the end of last year. He was out of his depth, regardless of what he achieved at Northcote. He had an open cheque book at South and failed. Every player he wanted was provided.

There simply was no excuse for his poor coaching.

With the rumours that surfaced on this blog last week about the alleged ‘drinking culture’ of some of the players, this is where Gus should’ve been a coach. A coach is not just the man in charge of his squad at the ground, but also off it. If this alleged drinking culture was affecting some of the players, then that is where Gus should’ve put his foot down. Five players were ‘sacked’. Two of those are off on holidays, one of those hasn’t been seen near the match day squad all season, and two of those were the ones allegedly turning up to training with hangovers. Therefore only two were ‘sacked’, the other three were released. Which bring me to the next question. You knew they were going on holidays yet still signed them up? That is not what a coach does. That there shows no control of the team. Other players see that and play on it.

The clique was finally broken. That threw a real spanner in the works. After Sunday's loss, Gus was asking to be sacked by his session on 3XY Radio Hellas. After listening to him on air, I realised he wanted to be sacked by hiding behind a radio station. His comments were disgraceful. To come out and attempt to bury your employer was totally unprofessional on all levels. You have basically gone against the grain. You played into what 3XY wanted to hear, that you had no idea about the player sackings. Answer me this. How can a coach not know anything about the club preparing to release players? You really think a club of South's stature would knife a coach? An ex-player coach of South? I will not believe this for a second. If anyone out there in internet land believes that South knifed Gus, then they have rocks in their head. If he had no idea, it’s because he was too comfortable. If the players had no idea, it was because they were too comfortable. Everyone knows when these things are coming. Unless you live under a rock. Players talk, committees talk, fans talk, everyone should be aware at the talk that goes on, and realise there is always some truth to it.

Gus then went on to be interviewed by MFtootball. Yes, he was already gone from South so he could say what he wanted, however I suggest that MFootball actually check their facts, and not publish an article unless both sides have been interviewed. Someone once said, ‘there is his story, and their story, somewhere in the middle is the truth’. The media has had a field day over this. I am not surpised as it’s South Melbourne, and everyone is out for a story when it comes to South.

You see, when you have been living in an Albert Park mansion for nearly two years, and now you have been evicted back to some suburban club, you hurt. No more TV appearances, no more photos of you on a website, no more comfortable surroundings like decent size changerooms, ice, and drinks in a fridge for free, no more little office you call your own, it’s only natural you will hurt. So get over it and move on.

Chris Taylor has been appointed new coach at South Melbourne. Let’s see how many media outlets will pick up that story.

Now onto this week.

Oakleigh Cannons vs Northcote City
Northcote to win this one as Oakleigh is for the tip.  Oakleigh 1 – Northcote 2.

Pascoe Vale vs Melbourne Knights
Melbourne Knights to bag the three points easily. Pascoe Vale 0 – Melbourne Knights 2.

Richmond vs Bentleigh Greens
Bentleigh Greens in a whitewash. Richmond 0 – Bentleigh Greens 5.

Dandenong Thunder vs Southern Stars
With rumours that Munro is back at Dandy, since Taylor went to South, Dandy to shit it in. Dandenong Thunder 7 – Southern Stars 0.

Hume City vs Port Melbourne Sharks
Hume will bounce back from their shellacking last weekend and beat a poor Port Melbourne. Hume City 3 – Port Melbourne 0.

South Melbourne vs Green Gully
Chris Taylor's debut will end in glory. South to beat Green Gully twice in a season for the first time ever (did beat them twice in 2006, albeit one was a finals match - ed). Good luck CT. South Melbourne 4 – Green Gully 0.

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