Friday, 26 July 2013

Match Preview South vs Dandy Round Whatsit? 15 is it? 2013

This could be fun. We have a billion ex-Thunder players on our list now (and their coach), though one of those players - Iqi Jawadi - won't be playing, seeing as how he's suspended. They made a mess of us earlier in the year when we were 'good', so who knows what they'll do to us this time in their super pissed state, and with Gavalas absent. But we get Kearney back after missing the Preston cup game suspended. Is Shaun Kelly back? Dunno. Follow him on twitter @SkinnyHead88 if you'd like to keep track of his health kick. Speaking of which, wow much and what kind of fruit will Renco Van Eeken be eating? Now that's a story which has started to fascinate for reasons I can't quite explain.

Imagine - at one point we were so looking forward to getting back home after a ton of away games. After half a dozen consecutive home games of mostly sucking, I can't wait to get away from the place now, if only to suck at a different location.

NPLV 'Update'
I've been well fed up with topic for a while now. The latest rumour - apart from the impending destruction of the FFV when the building clubs say 'no more' - is that 35 clubs have pulled out, leaving in their wake mostly 10 'artificial' and mostly regional consortia.
And then someone on soccer-forum mentioned the Bonnie Doon Hillbillies as a possible bid, and the forumite known as SLEEPA took it to the next level.

"Hey dad, the bloke on the phone reckons he's got NPLV licences goin' real cheap!"

"Oh, yeah! How much does he want for 'em?"

"About 55 grand"

"Well, tell 'im he's dreamin'!"

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