Friday, 26 April 2013

Kiss of Death invents annual leave for bloggers

Artist's conception of the Kiss of Death (pictured here with a
crappy hat) in a Vietnamese POW camp. 
Where is the Kiss of Death? Did the KOD die from one too many Northcote City kranskies with BBQ and sweet chili sauce last week?

What's kinda sad is that we've already done a Missing In Action gag with the Kiss of Death before, and it was much better then as well.

Anyway, Dandenong vs South this week. As noted several times already by all and sundry, this is a closed door game for regular fans. Your FFV season pass, if you have one, will not get you in. Your media pass, if you have one, will.

If you don't have a way of getting into the ground, these are your options. You can watch the game from the freeway at the southern end of the ground. Watch the live stream at Beachcomber cafe in St Kilda. Or don't bother with either, and so something else with your precious time. I'm going to Altona East, to get a world famous souvlaki as endorsed by Steve from Broady.

Also, yes there are other matches this week. This South of the Border correspondent will be at Richmond vs Northcote tonight. Should be good.


  1. Has kiss of death given up on predicting games ?

    he normaly never picks the right result any way!


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