Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mild Self Promotion

Apologies to the people who visited today expecting NPL commentary. Life got in the way, so here's something I prepared earlier.

A couple of weeks ago I had the minor thrill of being published in a peer reviewed academic journal for the first time. Based upon my honours thesis, Against the Run of Play: The Emergence of Australian Soccer Literature is a predominantly bibliographic work, creating and examining the niche genre of creative writing concerned with Australian soccer.

It's published in Volume 30, Issue 5 of the International Journal of the History of Sport (Special Issue: Regional Issue: Australasia and the Pacific), which means that unless you are at some sort of tertiary institution, you can't access it without paying some sort of fee. However, interested parties outside of the university cocoon may wish to shoot me an email, in which case I'll see what I can do about emailing you a PDF copy of the article.


  1. please e-mail me

    I'm one of those nuts who collects football books (and articles/theses).

    James H

    1. Check your email James, I've sent you the piece, along with some other stuff that appeared in that issue.


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