Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cause for concern?

One month on from this post, and still no word on the status of the social club negotiations with the government. This doesn't fill me with confidence.


  1. Would love an update/answer from the club. Has been far too long.

    Are they still planning an FA Cup night after the home opener (VPL)? Will be bloody cold outdoors at that time of night/morning.

  2. It'll be shown live on the scoreboard, and everyone will be sitting out on the pole vault landing cushions to watch it with a food van parked on the running track and the stadium lights turned on for warmth!

  3. What kind of food truck? Northern suburbs late night kebab truck or hipster taco/burger/banh mi truck?

  4. A truck selling nothing but loukoumathes and pastitsio.


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