Monday, 19 November 2012

Mehmet Durakovic new Senior Technical Director

But what does a technical director actually do? Add your answers - both sensible and otherwise  - to the comments section, because I don't have a clue as to what such a position entails.


  1. In Summary

    A Senior Tech Director at Smfc will oversee every Team from u7 to Seniors.

    His interpretation of the FFA curriculum will be implemented, with Marcelo focusing on the technique / skills of the players.

    He is also a sounding board for the senior coach, & taking part in all player selections in ALL SMFC Teams.
    He builds the strategy on how we will succeed on the park under the new APL.

    He liasees with FFA Hans Berger, FFV equivalent, & other clubs Natuonally & Internationally. He is the face of our Youth Factory

    The APL will more than likely have. Asian Chamipion League spot allocated so he will orchestrate the campaign with Senior Coach.

    SMFC Member

  2. Asian Champion League Spot!!!

    So Potentially we can have situation where we put ourselves against Asia 's best & even other Aleague sides that get allocated places ???

    So SMFC versus Melb Victory MacFrabchise !!!

    So a members based club versus one that has only customers (since its handful of capitalist owners are the only ones that actually are members)


    Deep Deep Throat

  3. Actually you're right
    Aleague clubs only have customers, they buy tickets to see footbal games. Their supporters no doubt feel an affinity with the club they support, but they are only customers.

    Al SMFC we have members that vote, question, enquire, contribute and toil for the benefit of THEIR club.
    Funds all go towards managing & running THEIR club, There are no shareholders in a members based club. The club is run by Volunteers and as the club gets more financially viable we are slowly professionalising OUR club.

    Mehmet is part of that next phase, So is Marcelo,so is the General Manager.

    SMFC Member

  4. Word of note for people who post as 'Anonymous'. You kind of give it away as to who you are when you type of the dribble above.
    Seriously, ur affinity and love affair with this APL bullshit is absolutely sickening. Makes me want to vomit.

  5. Glad to bring you a bucket. !

    Get used to the APL stuff. It's moving ahead nationally.

    SMFC is not the kind of club to move to State 1.

    It has world class infrustructure and now.... Professional program's.

    Whether u like it or not. It's heading in the righ direction.

    What's your preferred model ?
    Keen to hear your opinion.

    SMFC Member

  6. I guess this also means that Joe Montemurro is gone?

  7. Let me help you with some pointers on your preferred model KOD,

    1. You need to advise us on national/state structure & finance model that works

    2. You need to suggest where SMFC best fits in this structure and can attract
    crowds and fund its operations

    4. You need to advise us if you are happy with the current state VPL model

    5. You need to advise us on how you envisage player development and pathways would work as the current system has not been a great success by all accounts

    5. How do you plan to grow crowds in the winter season in the VPL or otherwise

    6. What should be the cost for developing juniors, Should they train 6 months 8 months, 11 months ?? how much should we pay coaches?

    7. Do you think we should compete on the world stage, or focus on other sports and just continue playing/training under 6 months of the year 2 sessions a week by mum & dad coaches

    8. Do you think we should allow the Privateer Academies to plunder parents cause their member based clubs can't provide a professional alternative with a pathway

    Just a few things I'd like to hear your opinions on.

    If you have no comments or advice on a preferred model etc
    DO US ALL A FAVOUR and find something else to do rather than making inane comments with no substance.

    SMFC Member

  8. pfft more dribble. In answer to your what I assume are questions ?
    1- I need 2 yrs to advise.
    2- SMFC doesn't fit in this structure, therefore they fit nowhere.
    3- u can't count. Where is 3 ?
    4- I am extremely happy with the current VPL model.
    5- Pathways are a gimmick therefore i shall not advise on them.
    5- u can't count. I expect the federation to grow crowds, and for the players to win games.
    6- I need to yrs to advise.
    7- We are an amateur club, not a professional one. There is nothing wrong with mum and dad coaches if they are qualified.
    8- I disagree with privateer academies, but it looks like we are doing the same thing under the guise of a club banner.

    I would be more than happy for you to fund my 2yr exercise at a cost of roughly $250,000, to give you the perfect model.

    SMFC Member of 30yrs.
    Been to more games both local, interstate and overseas than you can poke a stick at. I am a footballing person. End of story.

  9. For people who would like to contact the Kiss of Death about this issue, he is willing to take your emails at

    Play nice now.

  10. KOD,
    I think you've converted me with your well argued, meticulous analysis and obvious expertise you have amassed over 30 years of watching football.

    Where do I send the cheque cowboy ?

    SMFC Member

    Swift Code: AKBPCHZZXXX
    Acct: 32142819 1182

    I do not have time to sit here trying to educate a non-footballing person into how football in this country works.


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