Sunday, 4 November 2012

Athanasakis on 3XY Radio Hellas Tonight

The issue of the loan made to save the club back in 2004 has come home to roost. Some of you may have seen the article in Ta Nea on Wednesday. Apparently President Leo Athanasakis will be on 3XY Radio Hellas (1422AM, but sadly probably in Greek) at sometime between 8PM and 10PM to discuss that and related matters.

We'll be providing a full round up of the issue after that interview either late tonight or at some time tomorrow.


It appears as if the detail in Ta Nea about Athanasakis appearing on 3XY Radio Hellas tonight is not true. Just another to list the of incorrect assertions made in that article.


  1. Dont hold your breath waiting for Leo on tonights program.

    The black ban on our club from 3XY is still on.

    The owner of 3XY - Stamoulis is bitter about his mate Dallas being sacked a while ago... Whilst the writer of the story in Ta Nea made a bold attempt to screw the club with SMFC TV!

    Funny how the vultures are circling now that money can be smelt.

  2. Another bullshit quote in that cheap publication.

    Leo will not be appearing on that program!


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