Friday, 16 November 2012

SM Hellas Crisis 2012 - Stathi Rombotis

Here's a very interesting article which popped up in the Greek Herald/Ellinikos Kirikas, Sydney's Greek paper.

For those who can't read or understand Greek, the basic story is this,

Basically this South supporter, Stathi Rombotis is saying, that after seeing all the mud thrown at South by 'the few, thankfully', he tried calling 3XY during their radio show, to be given air time like other people had been given. He claims he was told by one of the hosts, Kostas Paterakis, that he would only be dealt with off air.

When Rombotis asked why, he claims Patarakis gave him the impression that he didn't want to hear the voice of South Melbourne on the air. So Rombotis finishes off by now asking, why hadn't they (3XY Radio Hellas) talked about South for a whole year? Why are they so scared of letting Rombotis have his opinion heard on air like other callers?

Good questions, Stathi. I wonder what the answers will be.


  1. Snakes Snakes & more damn Snakes !!
    That's your answer

    We are dealing with gutter journalistic ethics from the Stamoulis press. But that does not surprise anyone. They black ban Sth & then all of a sudden they are interested & care, pull the other one. It jingles !!

    Just black ban them in turn. Those maggots need their own medicine.
    And I hear that OPA mag Steve Scum Agi has had his banking facilty cancelled on account of his campaign against Sth, they certainly have friends in high places. But more likely he's going out of business, what nutcase starts magazines in the online era !!

    Deep Deep Throat

  2. Can anyone elaborate further on Athanasakis' appearance on Karandonis' show? I was out so I didn't get to hear it.

  3. Hot off the press....

  4. Paul, the Karadonis show covered all the recent speculation, from MOU/Lease to Junior program and upcoming court case. Athanasakis was actually very comfortable and at times funny (no surprise there).
    He mentioned that the other media group had not checked facts or interviewed them before the first inaccurate article. Then he went on to explain in detail every issue Karadonis asked about.

    The only question he did not answer was about 'any recent player signings', he declined to answer cause, "... the FFV has not released the new contract documents yet and it would not be prudent to confirm until we get pen to paper'.

  5. The Sth Volunteers strike back !!
    Just saw the Media Release.

    Bless their hard working souls. Mwah

    They' re fighting Court cases, Evil money hungry media barons (Stamoulis), Journo Scum (Pateraki, Agi), a small army of people attempting to squash their efforts to rebuild (include in there the 3 Stooges)


    they keep on fighting, & fighting & fighting !! Mwah Mwah Mwah

    Being Remembrance Day last week, It reminds me of the Aussies in Tobruk.
    They faced wave upon wave of Nazi attacks but at the end they countered and steamrolled the Germans !

    I wanna join the committee, but I don't know if I have big enough balls to match them, crickey their tough at Sth !!!

    Deep Deep Throat

    1. OK, I think this is officially the moment where this issue just got weird... but that's OK, if we can have threats being posted, why not love letters?

  6. Will South publish some form of annual report?

    1. You mean like something apart from their usual AGM financial reports? If you're referring to something else, then I'm not quite what that may entail. In any case, those financial reports are only made available to members.

      Seems like the AGM is going to be coming very late again, not happy about that, but I'm sure there's a good reason for it. Or maybe a bad one.

  7. By the way all SMFC financials are Audited by external accountants. Something ALwague clubs ought to be doing too.

    But we are a non for profit members based club not a private franchise trying to make a buck !!

    SMFC Life member


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