Tuesday, 20 November 2012

SM Crisis 2012 - 37 Minutes of Sweet, Sweet, Lovin'

For those who missed it, last Sunday's 3XY Radio Hellas sports program once again covered the 'issues', but this time with a different approach.

Rather than focus on the issues at hand, they decided to have a go at defending themselves against the allegations made here, as well as shooting back at either the Greek Herald or one of the journos at Neos Kosmos.

It was hard for me to tell who exactly they were referring to, but they were pretty indignant all the same. The highlights of this portion of the show?
  • Claiming that they never open their lines for on air callers, which contradicted having the 40 year supporter/volunteer Argiri have his say the previous week, as if his opinion was the prevailing view or the only one worth having broadcast across Melbourne.
  • As has been noted by one of our readers, claiming they have limited air time, but then spending 37 minutes having a go at other news outlets and their journos.
  • Some amazing 'pot, kettle, black' moments about journalistic ethics, including about letting your sources write the story for you.
  • Claiming that they are no ones τσιρακια (minions), but not mentioning just whose τσιρακια they've been accused of being.
From where I stand, it was great radio, passionate, entertaining, and with a suprisingly good signal! Too bad the rest of it was almost entirely a snooze-fest, but what can you do? 

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